joi, septembrie 03, 2009

An imperfect rainbow

Maybe some of you might have read this post, about a rainbow a friend and I created some time ago. The moral of the story, which might have eluded you, in the case you have not been paying attention, resides in a small detail: the rainbow was created by the water that gushed from a hole in our garden hose.
Had our hose been undamaged, we would not have created - and enjoyed (because the feeling we both received was indeed of pleasant surprise, awe, even happiness) our rainbow.

So, I started thinking of what that tiny hole, that at the beginning seemed unwanted, meant and it lead me to an interesting idea: sometimes, imperfections lead to unexpected, better results!

This reminded me of another similar story: when I was in Timişoara, I spent some time working on various design projects, never thinking about - or maybe just ignoring - the fact that I have a slight color deficiency. One of the projects consisted in designing a couple of customized banknotes for a company. The banknotes had only a moral value as they were to be given to the employees as awards for their results.
From the designs I made, a cherry-red / purple one stood out, and attracted the attention of my client who said: "I particularly like this brown one!", for it seems my eyes played a trick on me, and the background - as more people told me afterward - was indeed brownish and in no way purple or red.

I can go on to another story, when, designing a kind of brochure, I started playing with the lines and shapes: when they intersected at some point, they created a nice effect that I had no idea was possible.

I guess that what I'm trying to prove is that sometimes you just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure of happening. That is not to understand as being less critical, or accepting less from yourself or others, but just allowing room for error, taking things slower for a change (as this very interesting number from Dilema Veche argues) could lead to better, more real, more profound results.

Picture fom here.

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Cristina spunea...

Everyday we are searching for perfection: the perfect job, the perfect body,the perfect relationship...Let it go...Also,we are overwhelmed daily by images of "perfection" and we are prone to believe that once we reach these ideals we will be fulfilled. As you said "enjoy the adventure of happening",let the imperfection and the frailty to define, characterize and humanize us.

Claudia spunea...

Lectia despre cub :)