vineri, martie 21, 2008

Microsoft vs. Vista

Am gasit un articol foarte interesant pe net despre "istoria" interna a Windows Vista. Se pare ca o serie de persoane din conducerea companiei Microsoft au avut probleme cu lipsa driverelor, incetineala sistemelor sau incompatibilitati software.

Din sumar:

Mike Nash, a Microsoft vice president: buys a laptop that has a reassuring “Windows Vista Capable” logo. His report: “I personally got burned.” His new laptop — logo or no logo — lacks the necessary graphics chip and can run neither his favorite video-editing software nor anything but a hobbled version of Vista. “I now have a $2,100 e-mail machine,” he says.

Jon A. Shirley, a Microsoft board member and former president and chief operating officer:
upgrades two XP machines to Vista. Then he discovers that his printer, regular scanner and film scanner lack Vista drivers. He has to stick with XP on one machine just so he can continue to use the peripherals.

Steven Sinofsky, the company’s senior vice president responsible for Windows:
says drivers are missing in every category — “this is the same across the whole ecosystem.”

Intrebarea (foarte buna) pe care o pune articolul:
Can someone tell me again, why is switching XP for Vista an “upgrade”?

Sursa articolului este disponibila aici.

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