marți, mai 20, 2008


O trupă nouă, cel putin pentru mine, auzită pe la alternativi.
Cum sună? După ei:

"like portishead beheaded, like a russian teenager who moved to california and started doing drugs, like a lot of bands that have nothing in common with us, like shit if this were the best world to bring a shit in, like Santa Claus but we ride cool bikes, actually we don't and we don't like Santa 'cause he likes little children and has a black list. Like little red riding hood all dressed in black and always prepared to fry the big bad wolf with her PowerInstantAntiAgressionElectricTHING. Like a baby who was just born , got slapped and then started cursing in vulcanian. Like we are about to die but it's just a silly joke we play 'cause we are fuckin' insane, like we are very tall but we are actually average except jan who is a fucking giant. We sound like some dudes with a girl on the voice parts who goes : hey, we are just some boys with me , a girl on the voice!.. we sound like a revolution of 4 people, like the most powerful ant on the planet, but you can't really tell, now can you ?.. we sound nasty, because we are , we sound like a slicer and a dicer and a mother fucking chrisler on a rampage, we sound better than a fuckin' gun, like we're about to blow and pixies will fly out spreading the word of our demise, we sound cool but with a twist of hot momma, we sound awsome if you can't tell beethoven from snoop dog, we sound like the ticking of the time bomb supreme.. we sound obscene."

Păi nu?

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